Mission Statement

“Develop success, drive growth and build wealth through results. Desire to achieve more, with less and become a product of our own creation, no matter the obstacles.”

Who We Are

SHAW GROWTH will provide you with support, knowledge, connections and tools to get yourself, your wealth, or your business to GROW to where you want.

This is not like other clubs where every month a speaker gets up and tries to sell to you some get rich quick program.

This is your club, where you decide what you will do next, where you will find the skillsets and experience in others just like YOU, who will help you to GROW and help to keep YOU accountable.

We are all on our own individual journeys, but as a team headed in one direction, we can all succeed!

Our Values

The purpose of SHAW GROWTH is to grow YOURSELF, your WEALTH, or your BUSINESS, so you can live the life you want NOW!

Our Fundamental Values…

1. Always be honest and never act without integrity.
2. The KEY to success is education and knowledge.
3. Don’t settle for 2nd best, we can always be better!
4. Understand failure and learn from yours and others mistakes.
5. No dream or goal is ever to big, it just comes down to one’s perspective.